The beginning of our activity dates back at the beginning of the nineties in the year 1990, when the founder of the company Robert Štakul began as an autocrane service provider. Till the year 2013 the name of the company was Storitve z avtodvigali Štakul Robert s.p.. In that year the company was transfered to Tomaž Štakul, so the company name changed to Avtodvigala, Tomaž Štakul s.p.. Beside the owner, there are also autocrane operators employed to manage with the mobile cranes and other machines.

We provide services with autocranes for more than 30 years, mostly in the area of Nova Gorica (Goriška) and wider in the region, but also elsewhere in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. In the Industrial zone of Meblo, Kromberk (near Nova Gorica), the company owns a business facility, which is used for parking and maintenance of the cranes and other machines. We provide autocrane services for companies, public institutions and also individuals.


The main activities of our company are:

  • Mobile crane (autocrane) services
  • Services with the truck crane (hiab)
  • Transport services with extendable trailer to the total lenght of the cargo up to 21m
  • Rent of transport carts
  • Lifting persons with the basket

As autocrane providers we want to ensure for our customers maximum safety, proficiency and reliability of the work performed.

Avtodvigala, Tomaž Štakul s.p.